First of all, Miss Flora is very kind, caring, and responsible teacher. She is patient with the children, takes time and effort to help kids in academics. She is trustworthy, and gives all the children attention.

Before we sent our son Enoch to Miss Flora's school, we sent him to a big and expensive preschool, which had a very good facility, many teachers and staff, and of course also a lot of regulations and paper works. We wished our song could enjoy the school and learn new knowledge. However, to our deep disappointment, for about one and a half months, every day after school, Enoch told us he did not want to go to school, and we could feel some fear inside him. We thought this might be due to the fact that he did not understand English at the time, and he might just need more time to adjust to the new language environment. But one day, we arrived at the school late, the class began before I left the classroom. I saw the two teachers intended to isolated Enoch, maybe Enoch was too naughty, or maybe he did not speak English, but they did this in front of me. I was deeply hurt and angry. I did not want to imagine the situation when I was not on site. Teacher should not teach a three year old kid in that way, especially when he did not understand English; he needs more caring and love to help him remove the fear and lack of communication. I could could not trust them any more, so I dropped my son out of the school immediately. Today I still think this is one of the best decisions for my son.

In the following two months, we tried hard to find another preschool. We visited six preschool, but still could not find a good one. Luckily, our friend introduced Miss Flora to us. Enoch was the second child in Miss Flora's class at that time. At the beginning, we did have some concerns because of the small class size of the class and limited facilities, but after an interview with Miss Flora and looking at the class on site, we felt that Miss Flora was a good teacher , and a god teacher is much more important than good school facilities, so we decided to enroll.

After a while, we saw Enoch start to enjoy the school and begin to speak some English. The smooth Chinese to English language switching now happened to Enoch. I still remember the surprise and pleasure when i heard Enoch talking with other children in full English sentences the first time in a toy store. I and my family do appreciate Miss Flora for all her effort, care, love for our son, and help for him to step out of the bad memory with preschool received from the previous one.

Second, Miss Flora's school has strong academic study. After one and half years in Miss Flora's school, our son can do addition and subtraction with multiple digits, he knows odd and even numbers, and he can read tim, cane count from 1-200, and knows how to count different combinations of coins to pay a price. He can read little story books and poems which are used for kindergarten. He can spell a lot of high frequency words and write full sentences in English...ect. Fifteen months after Enoch attended Miss Flora's school, he had a kindergarten enroll test, he did very well not only in English, but in all test areas.

Third, Miss Flora's school is a good Christian school. Ms. Flora teaches the Bible stories in a fun ways, and caring, love, sharing, and praying for each other among the children, and having good behavior. My son has good friendship with all the other children in the class. All the children I meet in the class are very polite and happy. And most important, Enoch is always happy and eager to go to school.

I have listed a lot of pros, and now I would like to add a con here. Because Miss Flora's class is so advanced, we as parents need to spend thirty to sixty minutes every day with Enoch to help him to do homework, review his dictation, practice spelling...This is a con for parents, but a pro for the child.

Dear miss Flora, thank you so much for all the efforts and hard work; we will send Enoch's younger brothers to your class when they are old enough.