Henry and Vicky Kwan Parent Testimony

Dear Ms. Flora;

We would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge your hard work and dedication in helping my set of twin girls. Although there has only been a short six months attending your After School Program, we see tremendous improvements on their reading skills and vocabulary development. We remember that they can't even read or spell simple single words before to accelerate in stories reading, compose simple sentences and sentences dictation on their own. These are huge academic accomplishment for such a short period time that we didi not expect to happen. Not only did they improve in English, they also learned math including addition, subtraction, coins counting, and skip count of five's and ten's. These are math fundamentals that would enhance their speeds and understandings in the future.

We trust that both of them have exceeded their kindergarten grade level and we are very confident that they will progress to first grade without any issues. Thank you for your continue patience and nurture with my girls, we highly recommend Ms. Flora to our friends and other parents for her teaching techniques and dedication.