It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Flora Young. I have been a teacher for sixteen years, and a mentor teacher for new teachers. I also have a Masters in Education. As a teacher, I have been impressed by Ms. Young energy and creativity in her classroom. Ms. Young works well with her students. She is a very caring teacher. Her classroom always displays her students work. She is friendly and helpful with parents and other staff members. She is always organized. She has a well behaved class with set rules and routines. Her commitment to her students and the school is impressive.

As a parent, I have been impressed by everything my daughter has learned this year. She has been my daughters teacher at Fremont Christian this past year. My daughter is getting a well rounded program in her class. I have had the privilege of volunteering and watching Ms. Young closely throughout the year. My daughter loves her teacher and loves to go to school. She is eager to get to school and see what wonderful things Ms. Young has planned for that day.

I highly recommend Flora Young for any teaching position she is seeking. She will make a wonderful addition to any staff. It will be a great loss for Fremont Christian when she leaves.